Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unconventional Wisdom

I have been posting information and discussion to Paul Krugmans Blog Conscience of a conservative. My position is the radical one in the current climate that good and bad do not flow from particular policies but they all have to be analyzed. Markets when properly set up may be a good tool for some things but dreadful for others. My starting point for discussion is the the United States is a backward country with a great deal of Wealth AND A STRONG ARMY, sort of Kenya or Afganistan with a lot of money AND TROUPS. It has been stated with some truth that government's in the US do economic jobs poorly, but it is not stated that business often does jobs terribly, not merely at the high of mediocrity. It is also my position that class and social analysis is key to understanding why rational ideas rarely see the light of day in political discussion and trenchant commentary is rarely followed through. We all know much less than we think and the level of ignorance we see in a sea of information is nothing short of breathtaking

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